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A cryptocurrency e-giftcard platform

Our charge

From a little research and a huge interest in cryptocurrency, we decided there wasn't a product that made it easy for the non-technical person to get involved with cryptocurrency. From that inital thesis we decided to build a product that would make it dead simple to gift crypto to your friends and family over the holdiays, thus Cryptagift was born.

Create a Brand

For this project we created the brand from start to end within 2 weeks. Our goal was to create something that resonated with not only the cryptonation but also with everyday people that didn't exactly know what Bitcoin was but wanted to be involved with the movement.

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K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid)

Customers and random people kept approaching us as technologists asking how they could get involved with crypto and if we'd explain to them how to setup a wallet.

Since this was around the holiday season we saw an opportunity to create somthing that would allow people to give crypto to their friends without haveing to setup a wallet. Our goal was to make it as simple as possible to get a gift card tha reperesented an amount of bitcoin that they could send to their friends. Through this simple form we were able to generate thousands of gift card requests.


Build the Application

Although this application wasn't simple we were able to ideate, design, build, and launch the entire application in 17 days. By building this application in such a short timeframe we maximized the potential marketing efforts during the peak buying season for giftcards.

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Make mobile seemless

Since crypto purchasers and users are typically forward thinkers we knew creating a mobile interface that was simple & intuitive was our first product priority. We accomplished this by creating mobile first designs and measuring daily analytics on how our users engaged with the Cryptagify product. This allowed us to opimized our assumptions in to executable product designs and maximize conversion.

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Tell people about Cryptagift

Although we found a whitespace in the cryptocurrency world we knew that wasn't going to be enough to break the noise that average consumers were being inindated with. We set out on an agressive content marketing and Facebook ads campaign that led to huge product and conversion numbers.

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