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4.0 Our Core Tech Values


Our software development manifesto.

Tech Core Values

This is our statement to the world — our assurance that you will only get the best from us at all times. Reflecting upon our core competencies and focusing on what we’re best at ensures that the products you receive from us will be second to none.

1.0 Expert Process Development

The toughest part of any project is coordinating all of the pieces that have to integrate seamlessly with one another. This is where working with Boo can deliver real benefit to you. Expert processes make for expert results.

2.0 Efficient and Effective UX/UI

If it isn’t intuitive, your customers won’t use it. Period. Gone are the days where slapshot design will still deliver. For the purpose of your professional credibility and reputation, comprehensive UX design is an absolute must.

3.0 Rapid Problem Solving

Getting stuck in the weeds can be the kiss of death for any project. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure that any problem or issue is resolved in an appropriate amount of time to satisfy your most frustrated users.

4.0 Digital Marketing Excellence

All too often, design firms create a product or platform without giving a single thought to how it will be marketed and sold. We keep this in mind from the get go, and will even help market your products so you can achieve your goals.

5.0 Strategic Technology Planning

Building something new is exciting – but what happens 12 months down the line when popular technology has evolved? We insist on big-picture thinking from day one in order to save you potential grief later.

6.0 Clean Code

You never know when someone may need to dive under the hood of your product. Due to this, it’s essential that our code be as clean as possible. This allows for simpler problem-solving, easier debugging, and better team integration.